Eyelash Lengthening Serum

Eyelash Lengthening Serum

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My Runway Eyes Eyelash Lengthening Serum is formulated with prostaglandin and a host of other nourishing ingredients that vivify eyelashes and delay natural shedding, leaving you with longer, healthier-looking lashes in as little as 4 weeks.

  • Lust-worthy lashes in as little as 4 weeks
  • Prostaglandin and lots of nourishing extracts to vivify lashes and delay shedding
  • Encourages the appearance of longer lashes.
  • 2ml
  • Satisfaction guaranteed - see our return policy
  • Cruelty free

How To Use:

  • Clean eyelid
  • Apply one strip of liquid with the applicator brush to the eyelid at the base of the upper eyelash
  • Recommended - use once, daily, preferably before bed.


Customer Reviews

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luv this stuff!

It REALLY works! Took my lashes from non-existant to lush and long! PRO TIP: Use it on your eyebrows too -- it fills them in nicely!

Great Product!

It really works!! My lashes are longer and fuller. So happy with this product!

Works great and I love it!

I’m a skeptic for certain products- I used an eyelash serum in the past that worked really well, but was way too expensive. I was really happy when my friend told me about this and how affordable it is, so I decided to try! I can definitely tell a difference. I have very light colored lashes, so without mascara it’s hard to tell, but as soon as I put a little mascara on, it’s obvious they have grown a ton! I definitely recommend it and will purchase again!

It works

My eyelashes aren’t a mile long but just a subtle change. Been using the serum for about a year

Works Amazing

Within 2 weeks of using this I saw a difference. After a month it was noticeable to my friends and family. My mom and aunt are now buying, using and loving this product! It works so well, I literally have to cut back on using it only once a week or trim my eyelashes!