Complete Me Fiber Mascara

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Add body and length to your lashes with this romantic duo -- a fiber brush on one side, mascara on the other. The formula of the Complete Me Fiber Mascara from Runway Cosmetics has never been so easy: one layer of mascara, one layer of Viscose Flock Fibers, one layer of mascara.

  • 2-part jet black fiber and mascara
  • Uses black viscose flock fibers to add substance and length to each lash
  • It includes the ophthalmologist-tested, hypoallergenic, jet black mascara formula to be used as base and sealant for the fibers
  • Complete Me Fiber Mascara uses the same pentapeptide technology as the Date Night Mascara

Customer Reviews

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It’s ok

The fibers fall off the wand the minute you try to apply and then your face is covered in fibers - not really how I like finishing my make up application

Big Full Lashes

Absolutely LOVING my new mascara! My lashes look very full & long....can't wait to see the results of the serum over the next couple weeks!!!!

Thank you!

In Love!

Love this mascara. One of the best I've used. I don't know if it's the brush or the formula or both! But it's amazing! Great coverage, doesn't clump. Stays on your lashes all day and doesn't flake off onto your face. I will definitely continue to purchase!